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Our True Astrologer will analyses  achievement in the field of Higher education it is inevitably essential that 2nd, 4th , 5th, 9th and 10th houses in a horoscope should be under the auspicious influence of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun.


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Medical Education

6th house or 12th house indicates profession related to Medicine / Doctor. 6th house is the house of diseases and 12th house is the house of hospitals and beds so when 5th and 10th lord have connection with these houses create strong possibilities for Medical Profession.


The Person is very intelligent if 5th lord is hemmed between benefic planets or if the lord of the sign where 5th lord is placed gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet.If the 5th house is in association with the 9th house, then the higher education can be at Overseas.

Difficulties in Education

Rahu and Saturn positioned in 9th house without any benefice aspect on the house, then the person will face too much difficulties in pursuing Higher education and a too much delay might also occur in your life.

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Astrology is based on the philosophy of Karma. Remedies are nothing but Practical, Mystical or Psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past Negative Karma.

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Vedic Astrology can be traced to the Vedas, the foremost scriptures on planet Earth. Vedic Astrology was developed by the ancient seers and sages (Rishis) of the Indian Subcontinent, 1000 Years ago.


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