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Our True Astrologer will analyses  achievement in the field of Fortune in Your Onsite Carrier.  10th house is  important for career. Vedic astrology is the process which helps to choose the right career option for you.


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Our True Astrologer Will predict your Child’s strengths and weaknesses,


Amongst the 12 houses in Vedic Astrology, 10th house is called the Karma Bhava in Vedic Astrology. Your area of Occupation/Job is determined by the planetary placements in this house as per 10th House. 

Onsite Opportunity

People have become much interested in going to Overseas for the Job. 10th house and 4th house combination are important for Onsite travel. It says the lord of the 10th house in any nativity whenever is associated with 4th house or its lord with the full strength it indicates foreign travel for Job etc.,

Permanent Residence Abroad

Lord of 4th house is in 12th house and 9th house is also should be strong. Your area of occupation is in Overseas and settled in Foreign countries. He / she has the highest scope for settled in abroad and get PR. 

What’s New in Foreign Job Astrology Report

Overseas Education

Higher Studies in Foreign


retired Life in a foreign Country

Research Work in Abroad

Long time Onsite work

Short time Onsite travel

Foreign Work Permit


New Business in Foreign

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Our Astrologer will predict your Report on Good favourables timings. After 6.00pm Saffronbook Astrologer will not predict your Report. Astrologer will not work on your report during Yamagandam and Raghu Kalam.

No Software

Some astrologers are naturally gifted, while others rely on software programs to do their divining. Software do not possess the intuitive Power of a Human being.

Man & Technology

Skilled astrologer will be more accurate than a computer at predicting or highlighting your life through Jyotisha. But Saffronbook uses Cutting Edge Technology to Order, Tracking and Securely Deliver your Reports.



Astrology is based on the philosophy of Karma. Remedies are nothing but Practical, Mystical or Psychic antidotes which lessen or nullify the impact of our past Negative Karma.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology can be traced to the Vedas, the foremost scriptures on planet Earth. Vedic Astrology was developed by the ancient seers and sages (Rishis) of the Indian Subcontinent, 1000 Years ago.


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